Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dropping Alex off at the MTC

Elder Alex with Grandpa

Elder Alex with Grandma

April 30th 2011
Hello my parental units!
So far my MTC experience has been pretty good!!! When I arrived, I was taken through the main building to get my nametag as well as my MTC ID card. Then I went to my dorm to see where it is and to settle in a bit. After that I was taken to my classroom which is up 4 flights of stairs so I get my workout every morning! I met my District in the classroom as well as my companion which his name is Elder Hilton. He's from Dallas Forth worth Texas and he's pretty cool I guess. We also met our teacher Brother Rapp, and he's really funny when he teaches us! The view from the classroom is wonderful too!! We get to see all of Utah Valley off to the south from there. The food could be better, but it is still pretty good!! I haven't over indulged yet, but I might before I go to Spain. I'm trying not to get too used to my District since I'll be moving to another one on Monday since they put me in the wrong class. They put me in beginner Spanish and so they are moving me to Intermediate on Monday! I can only hope that my new District is as awesome as this one!!
I got some envelopes from the Bookstore here in the MTC and I just used the money that's on the card. We get $6 every Wednesday so that would be nice to buy anything else that I may need. I would like some envelops from home though since I have to fold my letters ridiculously small in order for them to fit inside. As far as pictures, I do have some, but I can probably send them when I print them since they have a picture printing center there at the bookstore as well. The only times I can write people are on P days which today is Saturday, but from here on out, I think they are on Friday's that is, if the new District has them on Fridays as well. How are things at home? Anything new with anything? How is Jonathan doing in school? I hope all goes well with everyone there! Don't forget to post this on my blog, ;) I love you all!!! Until next week!!!
Ezra A. Bauer

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Madrid Mission President keeps a blog.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Bloomington, to Chicago, to SLC. Eventually to Spain

Alex's luggage!

Bye Bye Alex

At least he didn't have to take off his tie!

We are so happy to have Alex go on a mission to serve and represent the Lord Jesus Christ.
He will be teaching the people of Spain about Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and the great plan of salvation. It's a happy moment, but sad also, because we will miss him for the 2 years he will be gone.

Teaching from the Scriptures. His first contact.