Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

San Sebastian de los Reyes

Elder Forrest with striking city workers in the background

Nothing improves study like mint chocolate chip ice cream from Tino's


Well, this week has been pretty fun for me...a bit. I´m not really sure what happened this week – except not too much. Well, here´s my week in a super small nutshell.

Well, as you probably already know, Elder Torres has joined us in the piso [apartment]and it´s pretty crazy hard having 6 missionaries in a 3 room 2 bath piso, but it´s fine. It´s really fun too! Elder Torres is pretty cool too! I like the Chilean accent that he has when he speaks Spanish so it´s been fun! Soo, pretty much the only super exciting thing that has happened is that Elder Forrest and I have a potential baptism on the 7th of April. Alberto is a Spanish guy that has lived in Madrid for the majority of his life and has read the Book of Mormon 10+ times since he´s had it. And it shows. You just have to see the book and you´d be able to tell that it´s been read...a lot. We also got a new investigator called Daniela. She´s from Colombia and is super cool!! We asked her when would be a good time to return to talk to her more, and Thursdays work for her. She also sort of hesitated since she´s pretty much on call and may not be able to meet on Thursday. She expressed a desire to meet with us though so it should all be good! The other missionaries in Alcobendas have a baptism the following week on the 14 of April. Her name is Natalia and she´s progressing super well!! I´m glad to see so much success here in San Sebastian and Alcobendas.

The office is going pretty good! I get questions about everything, even finance stuff that I don´t know anything about, and I answer their questions with "Well, my answer to that question would talk to Elder Forrest, he knows everything about that stuff." Sorry dad, I don´t know too much about finances...and I´m your son. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa. Anyway, also yesterday the cities of Alcobendas and San Sebastian went on "strike" and it was pretty cool to see! There´s actually a day set aside for everyone to do that so it wasn´t really too exciting so yeah. Not much else. How´s everything? I hope everything is going wonderful!! Take care and I´ll talk to you soon!! Love you all!!!

Elder Bauer

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