Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012

Elders attending district meeting:
From left to right:  Elders Soriano, Bauer, Walters, and Simmons.

Elder Soriano´s attempt at rice. It was white at first.

Returning to Parla from Pinto on a bus
Hello family,

This week has been pretty good, yet bad as well. The end of the week was great though. Now on to my week of stuff that happened.

Not super eventful really. Thursday we went to Aranjuez and had a lesson with Cristina, who is a potential baptism and she´s really good!! We then returned to Parla and had a meeting at about 8:30 with the Branch Presidency about how we need to have them work much more than they have. We brought up four points that we´ve seen that really needed to be resolved and they were. On Sunday we saw the results of it in Branch Council! Super cool! Anyway, Friday we had tons of contacts. Every lesson that we could think of failed us that day. We had Family Home Evening in the church so that was a plus. Saturday was the same as Friday as well as Sunday except that I spoke in Sacrament meeting about missionary work. We then did contacts again and that was it.

Monday we had a lesson with Cristina in Aranjuez and let me tell you, we nearly missed the bus on the way there and on the way back. Super bad, but fun too!! So there before the lesson her older son was trying to fix the TV and it was a fail. I asked him/told him that the TV was broken and we all laughed. Cristina was also having many trials and requested a blessing and I had the opportunity to give it. Super cool experience!! We then gave the lesson of the 10 commandments and also showed her some signs with her hands to help her memorize them in order so it was super fun!! We were laughing and having a good lesson at the same time!! Then near the end, the guy fixing the TV started laughing again about the TV. Then on the 10th commandment, don´t covet, I mentioned not to want things from other people, like a TV, and everyone started laughing, hahahahaaa!!! Super fun!!

Tuesday was pretty good too. We had District Meeting and after we ate as a district, Lentils with Couscous and rice. Super yummy to me, since I made it. Then we had two lessons and they both gave us food, so by the end of the day, I was full and felt fat!! Oh and also Tuesday Elder Walters, one of the two Zone Leaders, did exchanges with Elder Simmons so he was here with us! Super fun since he´s funny!! So I had fun yesterday with that fun guy! Today we went to Pavones to the Stake Center and played volleyball with some of the missionaries! I got to see Elders Forrest, Argyle and Jeppson again!! It was fun! Not much else except for that!! Anything new? Take care and I´ll talk to you soon!! Love you all!

Elder Bauer

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