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October 10, 2012

Enjoying the last of the Magnum ice cream bars

Bauer flower power

The Madrid Temple at dusk

Why hello family!

This past week has been pretty good!! Not a lot of things have happened, but we´re still going. So when I heard the age drop for the Elders and Sisters to 18 and 19, I was pretty shocked!! It was pretty cool too, and funny to see the faces of the people around me just gasping and stuff, hehe.

Thursday was pretty empty as far as lessons are concerned. We dropped Vincent, considering he´s not progressing or listening to us for the right reasons. We offered to pass by every now and then, but aside from that, nothing else happened. Friday we saw Carolina, had a good lesson about the story President Packer told about the debtor and the mediator. It was pretty good!! We then had Noche de Hogar [home evening] and that´s it for Friday. Saturday was empty, except for General Conference, same with Sunday. Considering you guys saw it, there´s no need for an explanation.

Monday was pretty cool!! In the morning we saw Melisa after about 2 or 3 weeks of not having contact with her. It was pretty cool!! We had a lesson about being an example and I used my laser for the lesson. I´ll have to show you that lesson since it´s pretty cool!! It´s more of a Christmas message, but still, it´s good for any time of year!! We then ate with the Gordon family and shared a message. Then at 6 we saw Yolanda and had a great lesson with her too!! We had planned my laser lesson, but then we changed our plans and I shared from Mosiah 24. She´s going through a trial since none of her family has a job so she´s making food and going to the Embajada de Ecuador [Ecuadoran Embassy] to sell food and make a bit of money.

She´s been doing that for about 2 months and has been waking up at 4:00 in the morning to get everything ready to go, coming back at around 2:00 or 3:00 pm and resting, then getting back up at 5:00 to start preparing the food, and not resting again until about 11:30 pm. It´s pretty crazy, but she´s doing something. Mosiah 24 talks about the trials of the pueblo de Alma [people of Alma] and how they get into cautiverio [captivity] and doing all sorts of tasks for the lamanites and Ammulon. Then how the Lord frees them and they go to Zarahemla. Pretty cool little story and she really liked it!! We ended the night talking to Hermano [Brother] Gordon and telling him that we talked to President Jackson about changing P-Day to Friday so that we could go with the branch to El Escorial and take some investigators.

Tuesday we had district meeting which was based on following the Spirit and how to recognize its impressions. It was pretty good, and the food afterwards, like always, was really good too!! We then went back to Parla and visited Erick y Yulliana, and that was really good!! We did a repaso [review] of the Law of Chastity, and they understood and it was all good!! I´m glad that all is well over there!! Take care and I´ll talk to you soon!! Love you all!!!

Elder Bauer

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