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November 14, 2012

First view of Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Why Hello Family!!

Well first things first, the big fill-in-the-blank that you left for me to fill as far as where I´m serving. I have gone out of Parla, and out of Madrid in general. I am now serving in the Canary Islands!!!! I know what you guys are thinking, but it´s TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m serving in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!!!!!!!! It´s much warmer here than in Madrid (duh) and I really like it!! Unfortunately since I´ve been here, the days have been cloudy and sad, but it´s okay!! I´m on an Island!!!! I´m really REALLY happy to be here and I´m excited to get to know the place!! I also got to work in San Sebastían de los Reyes for a day with Elder Wride, and it was fun, but first starting with the week from Thursday.

Thursday was a crazy day!!! We had weekly planning and Medio Dia [lunch break], but after that it got to be interesting. We actually ate with a member called Angel there in Parla. The Hermanas [sisters] of Leganes needed me to do a baptismal interview with a girl called Belén at 4:30 and we had a lesson at 6. So after eating we had to do exchanges so that I could do the interview and Elder Alvarez could go to the lesson. So I went with Elder Cunningham and we had to take the Renfe [commuter train] over to Las Margaritas and be there before 4:30. We got there at like 4:15 and had to wait for the Hermanas [sisters]  for about 20 - 25 minutes before they got there which was pretty annoying, but it´s okay. I did the interview and got back to Parla at about 7:00. We had a lesson at 7:30 and had to meet Elder Alvarez and Elder Rose at a Tranvia [transfer] stop so that Elder Alvarez could get on, and Elder Cunningham could get off. We then went to Cleme y Selena and had dinner with them which was really good!!! Professionally done too!!!

I don´t remember too much of what happened Friday except that it was pretty good! I got the phone call from the zone leaders about transfers and it was pretty intense for me!! I asked them about everyone in my district before I knew where I was going. Elder Alvarez stayed in Parla, with Elder Perez going over there, Elder Cunningham goes home, Elder Rose went to Alcala de Henares with Elder Verdu, Hermana Farías and Piedade going home, Hermana Sicán staying in Leganes with Hermana Miron going there, and Hermana Voemba going to the Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I then asked where I would go, and Elder Perkins told me, "You are going to the Canary Islands, to Las Palmas!" I couldn´t believe my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was smiling and rejoicing the rest of the time in Parla!!! I then called Elder Argyle and asked him how he feels about leaving San Sebastian de los Reyes, and he feels sad to leave, like usual. He´s training Elder Pluim to be the new beast secretary of the mission!! Elder Argyle then told me that I will be going to work in Alcobendas with Elder Wride on Monday!! I got even more excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to go to the best area that I´ve had on my mission, and then get to go to Gran Canaria to have an even better area!!!! It was COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday and Sunday was spent saying goodbye to members and investigators. Among them were Erick y Yulliana, Melisa, Cleme y Selena, Manuel from Cuba, and others there at church. I also got to say goodbye to Ana which was awesome!! Not too much that I can say about those days considering I don´t have my old agenda. It was pretty sad, but cool at the same time.

Four generations of mission secretaries: 
Elders Jeppson, Bauer, Argyle and Pluim.

Monday was a crazy day!! I was all packed in my new suitcases and ready to get going to San Sebastian de los Reyes and to Gran Canaria. I had to go to the stake center at 9:30 or 10:00 and I stayed there until about 12:00 or 1:00 waiting for Elder Wride to arrive. When he got there, I was happy to see him and he was happy to see me as well!! It was awesome!! We were given keys to the piso [apartment] there in San Sebastian de los Reyes and got on our way to Alcobendas! When we got there, the first thing we did was go to the piso and leave our stuff there. I missed the view that the piso has there!! It was pretty awesome!! We then were off to visit some people that Elder Wride got to know and I also got to visit people that I got to know. We first passed by two places where some investigators/members lived, but they moved from those two locations. We were then walking and we ran into the member that Elder Wride wanted to visit!! It was a miracle that happened!!! We then went with him to Natalia´s house to see how she was doing since the missionaries serving there couldn´t ever get contact with her.

View from the apartment in Alcobendas

We arrived and Elder Wride didn´t remember what number it was, but we eventually found her and visited with her. She´s gone less active since September which broke our hearts, but we´re both sure that she´ll come back to church some day. She was really happy to see us!! We then went over to the church, and it was open!! We only found the office elders (which in Alcobendas, all of the missionaries are office elders) Elder Argyle, Elder Bagley, and Elder Pluim. We wanted to see if we could see some members that we know and they said that they were going to have a Noche de Hogar [home evening] in Segundo´s house. So while we waited we went out and did a few contacts and saw Alberto working out in his favorite gym. We then went with Elder Bagley to Segundo´s house and it was fun to see Segundo´s expression when he saw us!! He was suprised to see us and we talked to him about life and stuff!! It was awesome!! Eventually two other jovenes [young people] that we got to know there, one of which is a recent convert, as well as Fousto and his wife came and we talked to them!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then visited a few other people and were picked up by the other Office Elders, Elder Forsythe and Elder Johnson. SUPER FUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Madrid from the air (if you look closely - you can see the temple)

Tuesday was a long day but fun!! We had to get up at 4:30 am to get ready and stuff, and get out of there by 5:00 ish. We left at 5:00 ish, Elder Wride, Bagley and I, and met Elder Argyle and Pluim down with the Furgoneta (aka the BEAST) ready to be loaded with our stuff. We then had to go to the piso of the Hermanas in Barrio 6 [6th ward] to pick up Hermana Voemba to go to the Islands as well. We then went back over to the airport and got checked in and it was all good!! Elder Wride was going to Tenerife so he wasn´t on the same flight as us. Hermana Voemba and I though were on the same flight to Gran Canaria so it was pretty cool!! The flight left at 8:30 Madrid time and got here at 10:00 Canary time, so a flight of 2.5 hours. Not too bad. We got there and the Elders of Vecindario and Elder Valenzuela greeted us and we got up to parking and met the Eynons!!! They are a senior couple that I´ve heard so much about and they seem cool!!!! I can´t wait to get to know them!! So the Elders of Vecindario have a car and the Eynons have one too so with the two of us we got to Las Palmas and I put my stuff in the piso. It´s a huge piso too!!! WOW!!!!!! We then had district meeting in the Centro de JAS [Young Single Adult Cener] where the Eynon couple work. We then took Medio Dia and I slept a bit, then we went out to do contacts and stuff! I also saw the church bajo [downstairs] and it looks pretty big!!! I also got to meet some of the members there which are pretty cool!!!!!!!!! The ones that were there that night all welcomed me warmly and I just know that I´m going to have a good transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gran Canaria Airport, Canary Islands

Today is P-Day. I´m not sure what we are going to do, but I´m sure we´ll do something!! How are you all doing? Anything cool going on? Take care and I´ll talk to you soon!!! Love you all!!

Elder Ezra A. Bauer

The new district! From L to R: Elder Valenzuela (the new companion - from Chile), me, Hermana Marshall, Hermana Voemba, Elder Christiensen, Elder Lisonbee

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