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February 12, 2013

View from the top of the cathedral in Las Palmas

Why hello family!!

I can see that I neglected to tell you that my P-Day for this week was on Tuesday. I´m really sorry for that, and I hope that you could forgive me. I´m just going to write a bit of what has been going on for the week and that´s it since in a little bit I´m going to have to pay for parking. You may ask how it is that I´m having to pay for parking, but here´s the explanation.
Another view from the top of the Cathedral in Las Palmas

So, I didn´t bring my planner this week, so you´ll have to deal with what has happened today. So, today we woke up at 7:00, nothing new, but we had to go to the JAS [young single adult] Center at 8:30 to go and rent an Opel Vivaro (Furgoneta). It´s a bit different from the office Furgoneta since it has 9 seats instead of 7, but it´s okay. I call it the Island Beast!! So, we picked that up and filled it with gas and then we dropped off the Buhlers at their car, and we were off. We had to go to Puerto de las Nieves near a town here called Agaete and that was interesting. It´s about 30 - 45 minutes from Las Palmas. Las Palmas is on the extreme east side of the island, and Agaete is on the extreme west side of the island. Pretty fun, but I´m not sure if I want to do that again. We had to pick up 4 of the missionaries coming from Tenerife because they missed their original boat, so they took a Fred Olsen Express boat, and got there a good hour and 15 minutes earlier than the others. We then drove all the way back to Las Palmas to the Port here in Las Palmas to pick up the rest of the missionaries. We then went to the Mission Home and got a little lost, but it wasn´t too bad. We ate lunch, then we tried to play soccer, but that didn´t work out too well since it started raining on us and the court got slippery, but it´s okay. We all survived. We then went back to the mission home to change and now we´re doing email.

The Fred Olsen Express ferry from Tenerife

This week in all, was pretty good!! We had more lessons than the past weeks so this area is slowly making it´s way up there. Samuel is a really humble guy and I just love the fact that he´s willing to listen. Yesterday though, he invited a "friend" over and his friend just talked about religion and stuff. He mostly talked about the New Testament and how he just loved it. We tried to talk to him about the restoration, but any scripture that we pulled out of the Bible, he would say that it didn´t say that, and pulled out another scripture that would contradict what we said. We ended by bearing our testimony about the Book of Mormon and about how the truth has been restored, but that´s about all we got to do. Samuel is a good guy though. He really has that curiosity to learn and stuff. I´m sure that someday he´ll be baptized. Later we also had a lesson with Juan, and he´s a really good investigator. He´s a Bible studier, and has studied the Bible a lot, but still is humble enough to learn more. We talked to him about the Light of Christ/how the Spirit reveals truths to us. We used the three videos of Elder David A. Bednar talking about the light of Christ and it was really good and super spiritual!! Juan also said that he will continue to read, pray, and go to church so it was amazing!!! He´s really growing spiritually!!
Canary Island missionaries:  Sisters Marshall and Zitting, and the Buhlers
So, tomorrow is another Mission Tour! We´re going to hear from Elder Kearon, of the Seventy/Area Presidency is coming to talk to us and it will be super cool!! I´m super excited for this spiritual feast that we will all have as a Zone together and how awesome it will be. I remember that when Elder Richards came, it gave me even more animo [fired up] to go out there and to talk to everyone that I saw about the message that we have to share with the world!! I love this message, I love the restoration!! I know that this church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is true!! I know, with all of my heart, that this is what everyone is looking for, and that it will make them happy! I love the chance that I have to share this message with everyone! Take care my family and I´ll talk to you guys soon!! Love you all!!

    ~Elder Bauer~
    Called to Serve:
Spain Madrid Mission
The rented nine passenger "island beast"

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