Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mother de doo!!!

This week has been fun for me!! I'm just going to paste the email that I sent to dad here so that you could read it too!!! I know, I'm super lazy, but it's okay...I hope. I also used the card for the first time today, so yeah! I hope to keep the rest of it for Spain and travel stuffs!! As for things that I'll need, I don't think I'll really need anything at all since we packed a lot of soap and shampoo! So far, the 12 bars of soap will last me the two years since I use one bar in two months!!! And the razors may last me 4 years!!! I use one every two months too and we got 24 of them. One razor down, 11 more until my mission is over. Who knows though, I may want to extend my mission for a bit longer if I enjoy it a lot!!! Anyway, on to my week!!

This past week has been pretty good, but more disappointing than good. I'm quoting Elder Holland in a talk he gave in the MTC that we have on DVD, "We caught zero, zilch, nothing, nada, no fish." Not really nothing, but pretty close to it. We've been trying to get a hold of people but nothing really happens most of the time. So Thursday when my companion and I were really depressed, we decided to look through the Area Book to get some people that were contacted, or some former investigators. We started to have a bit more success ever since.
Saturday I baptized a guy and that was an interesting experience! I was really nervous since I've never done it before so yeah. I did it right though, but I got some pointers afterwards so it was good!!! We also ran into another anti, but he wasn't as hard on us as the first one. He just said, "I don't want the Mormons," and
slammed the door. Today was the best P-Day ever!!!!!!!! We went to Temple Square and did a session there at the Temple!!! We then walked around Temple Square and went into the Tabernacle to take a few pictures and yeah!!! Those will be coming soon by the way. Then we came here to do email after getting a few other things done! I was
also told that the Salt Lake City Missionaries might be in the parade for the 24th of July so yeah!! I'm not really sure if we will be in it, but just in case we are, I don't want to be in there and not have Grandma record it, hehe. ;)

Okay, some stuff that I'd like sent to me. I don't know what they are called, but it's how I sent my pictures to you via email! There's a little thing that hooks up to the computer as a USB cable, and you can attach the camera card to it so that you can transfer pictures from the camera card to the computer. Could you get that for me? You'd probably be able to find them at Wal-Mart or Best Buy so yeah! I'd also
like a hand held tire pump, not a cheap one because those don't work, trust me. If it's above $15 it should be fine. I got a tire repair kit because my bike seems to have a hole in it, but without a good tire pump, I can't really fix it.

Well, that's pretty much it for this week. How's everyone at home doing? Is everyone being good? Take care and I'll write to you next P-Day!!!
Love you all!!!

~Elder Ezra A. Bauer~

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