Monday, July 11, 2011

Okay, here are the answers to all of these new questions!

1. Where in SLC do I live?
I live in West Valley City just west of Salt Lake.

2. Which Ward do I attend?
I attend the Cannon 6th Branch, Spanish Speaking.

3. When will I write my sister back?
When I have time, I haven't found much time since I've been here.

4. Where are your companions from?
One is from Tampico Mexico, the other one is from
California, and the other one from Alaska!

5. Which one is going to Spain also?
Elder Gonzalez.

6. Have I used my Debit Card? Do I get allowance from the Church?
I haven't used my Debit Card. Is it good to go or do you still
need to do some stuff with it? Yes the church gives us money too, but
it doesn't take us very far.

7. Did I buy the bike that I use?
The bike that I have is a mission bike so it's not mine, I just
use it. I'll send you a picture of it when the time comes for picture
sending. It's pretty trashy, but works.

8. Am I learning rap songs in Spanish?
No, haha!!

9. Where did the Superman costume come from?
Elder Ehlen's brother works at the MTC and his fiancé gave it to
him to give it to Elder Ehlen. It was in a bag with other goodies!
Elder Ehlen wore the costume too, hahaha!!!

10. Have I written letters to my Grandparents?
Same as question 3, I will have to find time to do it.

11. Why haven't I written to Grandma?
Look at 3 or 10.

Grandparents Ontys
I don't even know their address. If you could
send them to me, that would be great!!!

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