Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11,2012

Alex in front of la Iglesia conventual de San Pablo - Valladolid

A bonding moment with his companion.

Alex as a chocolate Santa

The Salamanca District (Elders Hodges, Tirzuman, Verdu, and Bauer)


Well, this week has been interesting, fun, and eh all at the same time for me. Crazy I know, but it´s true! Oh, and thank you for the package that you sent!! I don´t know what it is yet because I just got the notification that it came. I´ll get it today. Oh and thank you for the Christmas wishes from:

The Bloomington Ward Beehives Class (Sister Marilyn Mapes)
Martina Harris
Mother and Father Bauer
Megan Eden

Gracias por los saludos de Navidad [Thank you for the Christmas greetings/wishes]. I got them the 31st of December so I had Christmas TWICE!!! Yeah, that´s right, twice!! All you people in the United States only got it once! So haa! Anyway, here´s my week in a nutshell.

So at the end of our P-Day, a less active Romanian came up to us and asked us if we could visit his family. We said, okay and got his address and told him that we´d go over and visit him. Later that day we went and tried seeing people. We saw Ana and Marcela y Norton that day so it was a pretty good day!! Thursday was an eh day. We saw that less active that contacted us the day before, but it didn´t count as a lesson so we had 0 lessons. That´s right, zero, zip, zilch, nothing, lessons. We had 17 contacts though since people were out going to see los "Tres Reyes Magos" [The Three Kings
]. Unfortunately hardly anyone wanted to talk to us because they were in a hurry to see the three kings. I got a new capsule of ink for my pen though and now it isn´t bi-polar!!! YAY!!!! It actually writes all the time now!! Friday we saw Marcela y Norton and talked to them (mainly to Norton) about blessing the Sacrament and preparing too. We also committed him to do it on Sunday and he accepted. We then saw a less active called William and committed him to go to church because then he will feel the spirit. Just a bit of background with him, he hasn´t gone to church in forever, since I´ve been here and probably before, but he´s had the desire to go. He said that he will surprise us on Sunday, and all I was thinking when he said that is, "I really hope so." We also saw a less active from Madrid called Carlos and his girlfriend. They´re doctors so yeah! We also saw Costantin and Mariana, and it was Mariana´s birthday and so we sang her Happy Birthday to you, in English. Contacts were horrid, just 3.

Saturday, no one went to English Classes so yeah. We had correlation though and two lessons that day. Not too bad. Sunday William did come to church so I was super surprised!!!! I was happy to see him there, and it was obvious that he felt the spirit. He was crying so yeah. Carlos and his girlfriend also came which made me happy as well!! What a great church meeting it was!! Wow, and I sounded like Yoda ("What a great church meeting it was – um"). Anyways, that evening we saw a less active elderly lady. Her husband was there as well as her daughter and I don´t think that they are members. Her husband Emilio talked a lot, and I mean a lot!! He also cracked a lot of jokes which made the evening fly and also made it fun!! Then after we got out, a less active contacted us in the street! What´s up with all of these less actives? Super cool because she said that she wants a visit from us on Saturday so we will call her and set up the time later. That´s three less actives within a week that contacted US!! Super coolio!!

Monday we saw Jorge and that was it. He gave us something from Ireland that says good luck or something. It´s a good luck charm key chain and it didn´t work too well that day. We tried to see Marcela y Norton, but they weren´t home. We called them and Marcela says that she gave birth to her daughter!!! Felizidades!!! Not much else...yeah. Yesterday we saw Jorge again, then saw a less active and we had the lesson in his car because he needed to pick something up somewhere. Then we saw another less active that we contacted and had a cool lesson! Her husband isn´t a member and he´s pretty interesting. That´s pretty much all I can say about him. And today, is P-Day!! OH and one thing that I forgot to mention is that yesterday we got a call from a less active that we contacted and she told us to meet with us later today! Super cool these less actives!! I´m glad!! =D So anything new going on at home? I´m glad that the Three Kings Party was another success! Who won the pin contest? How many people showed up? Take care and have a fantabulous week!!! Love you all!!

Elder Bauer

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