Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

The chapel in the meetinghouse in Valladolid

The Relief Society room in the meetinghouse in Valladolid

The Primary room in the meetinghouse in Valladolid

Why hello there familia!

Well, this week has been a crazy one!! That´s about all I can say! So like usual this is week 6 of the transfer so if you will send letters, especially if you have the address of my piso (apartment), please send it to the mission office [Note: the mission office address is the only listed on the blog]. The longer I stay here, the higher the possibilities that I will be transferred so DON´T send any mail to my apartment directly until I say. I´m hoping I´m staying, but I also want to go somewhere else. I really don´t know what I want. I want to stay and leave. Mostly stay, but whatever the Lord says. =) Also thank you for the letters from Chelsea Bakaitis.

Well, here´s my week.  So Thursday we visited people. We also made brownies Wednesday to take to a recent convert that we haven´t visited for a while because we couldn´t go there because of time issues. So Thursday we dropped them off and it was good!! So I skipped Wednesday. Wednesday we saw a less active called Maria Jose and she´s super cool!!! Her piso is super personalized for her and I liked it!! It also smelled good!! So Elder Hodges and his super skills made her feel the spirit super powerfully that she cried!!! He helped her remember her baptism and she said that she will call us when she wants to go. Also that she will try to go to church soon!! Super coolio! Friday the 13th!!! Trash! When I noticed that that morning, I thought oh no...bad luck!! Well...for those of you who think that, THINK AGAIN!!! It was the LUCKIEST day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We planned 5 lessons, and that is hard to do here, as well as 15 contacts. So out we went and guess what...we had all 5 lessons that day!! We also got 14/15 contacts so I was a happy caterpillar! Saturday was eh. We had two lessons and nothing else. Sunday we had one lesson with Juanita and Emilio the two funny people that I told you about last week so yeah!! Super cool, but nothing else.

Monday we had 4 lessons and had to go from member´s house to member´s house to try to collect money for Costantin and Mariana to go down to Madrid. They have to do some medical stuff and then go back down the 27th to get married! So she had about 300€ and needed at least another 300€ to be able to pay for everything. The branch provided 135€ and we provided 200€ for them to be able to do it. We´ll see how everything goes. Tuesday we had district meeting in Salamanca so we traveled over there and had the meeting. Then we did exchanges so I stayed there with Elder Verdu and Elder Tirzuman came to Valladolid. So poor Elder Verdu. He had 4 or 5 lessons planned, and they all canceled on him. So we did contacts and got 19. One of the attempts when we presented ourselves gently, slapped us in the face three times quickly. After he left us, Elder Verdu started cracking up. I didn´t understand either, but whatever. Later that evening we did Classes de Ingles [English classes] and I helped a lady with a letter she was writing in English. Today we traveled back to Valladolid and I´m here writing. How is everyone? Are you all doing well? Take care and I´ll write again next week!!

Love you all!!

Elder Bauer

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