Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

A cool building that we always see on the freeway to the Temple.

Catholic church in Fuente El Saz de Jarama

Elder Forrest not knowing where to start to knock doors!

A gecko on the ceiling near the door entering our piso [apartment] building.

Hello Family,

This past week for me was pretty good too!! I enjoyed talking to you too!! Well, I´ll tell you all that has gone on since Monday.

Well, nothing much has happened this past week. Elder Argyle has been learning more about his responsibilities in the office and is a bit overwhelmed, but he doesn´t even know what that word means until Oscar Clemente talks to him about residency! I´m sure that he´ll do fine and all, even though it´s stressful, but that´s how life works here. He´s learned quite a bit of stuff, but he keeps saying that it´s not what he expected it to be, which is funny because I was thinking the exact same thing when I came in!! Especially with transfers and having to go through that, wake up at night hoping that I bought the right flight/sent out all of the tickets/hoping that the missionaries would catch their trains on time, etc. It´s crazy all of the stuff that you have to think about and I´m glad that I can take a break from that.

Tuesday, or yesterday, we got a call from a missionary´s mom about him having to come home to pick up his residency card and having to do that the next day, or today. I told Elder Argyle that with that we have to talk to President, look at flights, talk to President again, and then when everything is good, then we can buy the ticket. We also have to coordinate with the other mission, the Barcelona Mission, about the whole situation and see what they thought. So we talked to his mom after thinking the whole thing through and told her that the next Wednesday would be best for us and for him, so we bought the ticket for next Wednesday.

Today is P-Day, but as Elder Argyle is finding out, he won´t be able to enjoy his P-Day to the max as secretary. He will still get calls and still have to figure out problems for other missionaries and try to remember everything for when we come in on Thursday. Especially with residency which is a hard thing to do for us extranjeros (foreigners). Not much else has happened today except that we got to go to the Temple and it was a great experience!! I love the Temple here, just lovely and stuff!! How´s everything over there? Anything new happen since you woke up? Probably not, but I hope you have a good day and a good week!! Take care and I love you all!!

Elder Bauer

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