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March 11, 2013

Hello family,

I´m glad that all of you got to spend time with Grandma Lety and Grandpa Oscar over there in El Paso. Just hearing about the Mexican food makes me really want to eat some! I miss Mexican food, and the Mexican food here isn´t the best. Not much has been happening here in Las Palmas. The work has been slow and I am really getting frustrated with how hard it has gotten. This week we had 6 lessons total...and I just don´t like that. I feel that we´ve been doing all that we could but that nothing comes from it. We´ve received in the past 15 references (or phone numbers from people) that have been interested, but nothing came out of those 15 people!! Grrr, why can´t it be easier sometimes!! Oh well, I just know that I have to continue to be the best that I can, and not get too discouraged, and just continue onward.

Elder Wilson at lunch after district meeting
Tuesday of last week we had a miracle happen. Well, I applied for renewal of my residency card. I should get it about 2 weeks before I head back home. Well, so Sunday we had an appointment with Juan and we didn´t make it on time since we were in El Lasso, a part of Las Palmas, but far away from the Church. So, we made it half an hour late, and since he doesn´t have a phone, we couldn´t tell him. We tried going by his house and he wasn´t there any of the times that we passed by. Monday we did the same thing, but nothing. It was pretty crazy since we needed to meet with him at least every day of the week to help him get ready for his baptism on Saturday, the 9th. Tuesday I finished my residency renewal at about 1:30, and at 1:45 we waited for Juan at the Plaza La Feria since he told us that at around 2 he goes by there every day. So, we were there waiting for him, and my companion said, "Okay, let´s pray that we see him here." Just as he finished saying that, we saw him far away! We then walked really fast and saw him in a bar/cafeteria. We talked to him for a while and we were all happy to see each other and it was just amazing!! We then had the lesson with him and talked about baptism and confirmation and went over the baptismal questions! It was great and he was ready for baptism!! We also talked to Carlos, and Luram said this Sunday, that Carlos really liked the visit that we had with him! It made me happy to know that he liked the conversation that we had!

Elder Wilson and a Navajo taco

Wednesday was great!! We had district meeting and it was really a good meeting! Afterwards the Elders of Vecindario just stuck around since they had to do the baptismal interview with Juan. We played Fussball or something like that. You know, the table with the people and it´s like soccer, but in a table. Elder Valenzuela and I just dominate at that game. I´m getting better at it, but I´m really not that good. Just watch Elder Wilson and I play against each other. We´re both not good at the game, and it´s just hilarious to watch. We then went to the church to have the interview and it was good!! Juan passed his interview, and the baptism went through as planned. We then had the lesson with Fani and we talked about Temples. It was really nice and cool to see her interest in temples.
Thursday we tried to do splits, but nothing happened with that, so yeah. We had a lesson with Juan and talked about priesthood. He still thinks that it´s the power to teach, and we´re just like,, it´s the power of God to bless His children here on earth. He´ll get it someday. We then went to see Maria, our recent convert and she´s doing great. She´s a bit down in her afflictions, so we shared the scripture in Mosiah 24:13-16. She really liked it and understood what it means. I love Maria, she´s just so humble and submissive. She´ll be able to endure to the end! That was Thursday, as well as weekly always.

A happy new member of the church

Friday was an empty day. Nothing interesting happened that day. Saturday was way too crazy trying to prepare for the baptism of Juan Denis. We had to get the baptismal program done and ready, we had to print it and copy it, fill the font. Too much to do, so little time. It all went well, but it was pretty hard. After the ordinance of baptism, and I had the opportunity to baptize him, he told me that all he felt was overwhelming joy and happiness!!! It was great to hear him say that and see the change that came to him just with that little ordinance. Through small and simple things, are great things come to pass. I´ve learned that that promise is true!! Sunday was his confirmation! Not much was done Sunday except for giving a blessing to a member. Super cool week when I think about it, but still kind of...empty. I like days that are full of stuff, and I guess that´s what I have to do, fill it with people to see and places to be. I hope that you guys have a good week and that all is well!! Take care and I´ll talk to you guys soon!! Love you all!!

Elder Bauer
Sunset over Las Palmas

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