Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

The Las Palmas district (before transfers). 
From left to right: Sisters Marshall, Zitting, Buhler, and Elders Buhler, Bauer, Valenzuela, Wilson and Rockwood.

Hello Family,

This week has been full of surprises and I can´t even think straight with the huge shock that I´ve gotten. So, the shocking news is that I have been transferred from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to Cuenca, in the Peninsula. I honestly couldn't believe it!! And just to mention, Cuenca is a new area, so it hasn´t had missionaries for at least a year and a half. So me and my new companion, Elder Lyman, are opening a new area. Pretty crazy and sad. I was really hoping to stay in Las Palmas for the rest of my mission. I am pretty excited to be going to Cuenca though. It looks and sounds like a super cool place, even though it´s just as small as Parla, or smaller. Even if I only get to serve there for 6 weeks, it´s fine!! New things aren´t bad, but sometimes it isn´t good either, haha.

Elder Valenzuela, Luram, and Elder Bauer
Elder Valenzuela, Yeinira, and Elder Bauer
So Sunday was the day that we all said goodbye and it was pretty heartbreaking for me and for my companion, as well as most of the members, all of the JAS [young single adults], and the investigators. Luram especially was super sad. He cried a lot and let me just say, just being away for a few hours, I miss them all so much!! Crazy, but life goes on. So that´s pretty much why there are many photos of me that have been tagged so yeah. I don´t really remember too much else about my week considering I´m in a new place. I can however tell you what happened today.
Raquel, Franklyn, y Nenad, Elder Valenzuela, and Elder Bauer
David, Elder Bauer (holding onto David Jr.), Sandra, and Elder Valenzuela
So today Monday, P-Day, we finished packing and went out to meet Elder Buhler so that he could take us to the Airport. Yes, they are white-washing Las Palmas Elders. So after getting down, we got the car loaded, and went off to the airport. It´s pretty sad to see the ocean the last day, especially when you don´t know when you will see it again. Well, we got to the airport, and saw that the Vecindario Elders were there to say goodbye as well. Elder Wilson and Elder Rockwood. We then went and looked around for the check in place, but it was nowhere to be found. We went to the other side of the airport and there it was. Hermana [sister] Buhler, Hermana [sister] Marshall and Hermana [sister] Zitting were there too since Hermana [sister] Marshall was also leaving the Island. Super sad day really. After some pictures, Hermana [sister] Marshall, Elder Valenzuela and I were off to the plane and I just watched as Gran Canaria disappeared.

A blue Atlantic on the way back to the peninsula.
I took a nap on the plane and when I woke up, we were in the Peninsula. I saw Toledo from the sky and that was pretty cool. When we landed we had quite a bit of crazy stuff happen. My new companion, Elder Lyman was there with two other missionaries and we started to go to Chamartin [train station – second largest in Madrid] to get Elder Lyman´s luggage. We had to be in Atocha [train station – the largest in Madrid] at 3:30 to get the train at 3:40. We didn´t make it to the train on time. We then didn´t know what to do, so we changed the ticket and decided to wait in Atocha for a bit longer until the other train to come. Then we get a call from Elder Winklecotter, the piso [apartment] office Elder, that the piso [apartment] in Cuenca isn´t ready yet, so we decided to stay here in Madrid for the night, and tomorrow go to Cuenca and begin working there. The piso [apartment] is pretty much ready down there and it´s going to be amazing!! I´m pretty excited al final [in the end], haha. Not much else that I could really say, but I´m hoping to have more for you guys next week. Take care and I hope to talk to you soon!! Love you all!!!

Elder Bauer

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