Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 1, 2013

Old part of Cuenca
A picture from the older portion of Cuenca

Dad and Family,
Well, today I don´t have my agenda with me, but that´s fine since the week wouldn´t be sharing the whole thing. Let’s just say that it was a good, but very hard week!! We finished the former investigators and the members list, so now we are going to have to contact a lot more than I have ever contacted in my life. Oh well, I´m sure that someone is out there waiting. We have met some pretty cool people, but we´ll see if anything comes from them!
One of the famous casas colgantes (hanging houses) of Cuenca
A neighborhood of hanging houses of Cuenca
So last P-Day we saw the old part of Cuenca, and it´s really cool!! I saw the casas colgantes [hanging houses] from the mountain that we were from. It was pretty cool! We also saw a cathedral and other cool stuff so yeah, super cool! Not too much has been going on, but this Sunday we did have the temple president come and talk to us about temples, and it was really curious because it helped me resolve many doubts that I had as far as opening Cuenca. It´s pretty cool how that happens! I left that meeting very uplifted and have thought of many things that I can do to improve!
Living on the edge in Cuenca
Elder Bauer overlooking the edge of Cuenca
We also saw a miracle this week!! So while we were doing the members list, we came across a piso [apartment] where there was a lady. There lived the member, but he wasn´t there at the time. We talked to the lady, and she had the missionaries before in Madrid, and loved the church!! Super cool and since then we´ve had a lesson and she came to the Noche de Hogar [home evening] at the church and went to church on Sunday!!! Super cool and I have a lot of hope for her!! Not much else so this is going to be really REALLY short! Take care and I´ll talk to you guys soon!! Love you all!

Elder Bauer
The cathedral in the plaza mayor in Cuenca
The former convent of San Pablo, and now a Parador Hotel

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