Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011


Well, let me just say this week has been another interesting week, but first I´ll start off by answering your questions. The members give me really good food!!! I like it and though it´s different, it´s really good!!! As for the dinner invitations, we don´t get more than two dinners with members per week. That´s okay since my companion knows how to cook! Our branch mission leader is Johel (twin brother of Johrs) and he´s great!! He recently had knee surgery so he´s not really able to do too much [see first picture above]. As for exchanges, we don´t do too many. I´ve only done one with the district leader, but we do go on splits with members of the branch about once a week.

Now, my week has been pretty good! Not too many new things except that a couple that have been investigating the church for a while have now gotten things together to get married and will hopefully get baptized in the next few weeks! That would be really good! I´m pretty happy about that! Oh and another thing! Transfers are this weekend. I´m not sure what will happen, I may stay and I may go so for the meantime, I hope that whoever is sending letters to the apartment where I live, doesn´t do so for about a week and sends it to the mission office instead. I don´t want to be transferred and not get my letters and not be able to reply to them because they are sent to the other apartment.  Aside from that, nothing really too new happened. I hope things at home continue to go well!! Hey, another thing, I´d like the mailing address of Blake (my choir buddy) if you could send it to me!! Take care my familia and be safe!!  Keep going...Energizer!!

Elder Bauer

P.S. The other pictures are of a lunch we had with a friend of Elder Gallego [Elder Gallego is in the second picture above] that moved here. The soup had clams in it and the meat in the plate that Elder Gallego was holding is lamb. There was also a Bulgarian dish there and it was really good that I ate it all!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

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