Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011


Well, sorry for not writting to you Wednesday, but it was because we had zone conference in León and P-Day was changed from Wednesday to today so yeah. Plus we had exchanges with the Elders of León and they lasted longer than we thought they would. So I´ll tell you about that after showing you some pictures. The first four pictures [three of which are found above] are of the Museo de Colón so yeah. I think that´s the house you wanted me to see. I only got to take pictures of the outside so yeah. This was after I wrote to you last that I took these pictures. I saw it this time, haha, so there!!! Anyway, on to my week.

Well, this week wasn´t too exciting except for the exchanges to León so yeah. Tuesday at around 12 pm we went to the bus station and took a bus to León. At León we met the Elders there, Elder Bermudez and...ELDER EVANS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!  So Elder Gallego and Elder Bermudez went back to Valladolid and I stayed with Elder Evans there in León. The plan was for me to be there until Wednesday and then return to Valladolid with Elder Evans at around 12. So Elder Evans and I went to the piso, which is an awesome looking piso!!! We took medio-dia and planned the rest of the day. We had a lesson at 8 and an FHE at 9 at the church building. We contacted before going to the church building, by ringing doorbells outside apartment buildings. We got about 20 contacts just at one building and at about 6:30 Elder Evans told me that we didn´t have any food in the piso so we went to buy things for a really good dip and hamburgers for the next day. So at about 7:30 we went to the church, taught an awesome lesson about service to a recent convert, had the family home evening and went back home at around 9:30. We got back and made the dip with the stuff we bought for it (a red pepper, onions, beans, and tomatoes) and stuff there at the piso (hot sauce, tomato sauce, cheese and spices). We forgot to buy milk so it reminded me of the video the Tombs made of NO MILK....AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We ate the dip with the Doritos that we bought too as well as mango juice which made that night super awesome!!!! Unfortunately we went to bed late.

The next day (Wednesday) we got up and studied what we were going to teach that day and planned out the day! Then we went out and called an appointment we had and cancelled our appointment with him, because we realized that we didn´t have time that morning. We met up with Elder and Sister Swanson at about 11:45 at the El Corté Ingles near the church building and we did contacts there while waiting. Elder Swanson is from Salt Lake, but has been living in Germany for a while. He´s in charge of all the medical stuff for all of the missions in Europe and he´s awesome!!! He took us out to eat so we ate breakfast for lunch in El Corte Ingles on the top floor so we had a great view of León!! Then we got a ride from Elder Swanson to the bus station to get the bus to Valladolid. We tried to buy tickets, then found out that our cards didn´t work so it was no bueno! We called Elder Gallego and told him that our cards didn´t work so we couldn´t travel that day. So, we went back to the piso and took medio-dia and yeah. So I didn´t bring anything to shower with me or pj´s to León so my hair was greasy and I was getting scruffy looking. So, later that night we did more contacts and all of the lessons we had dropped us, but Elder Swanson gave us German...well, Dutch Chocolate so that made us feel better. At around 9:30 we got back to the piso and started to cook the hamburgers on a grill they have there!! They were thick and huge!!! We each had two so I got super full again!! We played a game called Magic while the burgers were cooking so the time passed. I helped mix the burger meat with egg and spices so it was good!!! We went to bed late again...I know, sorry, but the burgers took a while to cook.

Thursday we got up, and Elder Gallego pretty much ordered us to come back down to Valladolid to finalize the exchanges. Weird because I came back down, to go back up the next day, but it was still understandable so yeah. We went down, our cards worked, and I slept on the bus as much as I could! We got here and yeah. Now I´m here. Intense right?! Yeah!! How was your week? Not as cool and weird and crazy and fun and funny as mine I´ll bet, but I haven´t read the weekly email yet so I don´t know. I´ll bet not. Have a fun week!!! Love you and I´ll email next week at the regular time, Wednesday so yeah. Hasta Luego!!!

Elder Bauer

Making Dip in León with Elder Evans

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