Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011

Well, let me just say that this week has been...interesting. So, first, thanks for the package that I got a week ago but forgot to say thank you for it. By the way, transfers are coming up so please, if anyone is going to send me anything, namely Megan, Barry, Wil and Trey, and you guys, send it to the mission office. That would be easier for me. Also thanks for the letters from:

Wil and Trey
And special thanks to mom for the package!!

Well, let me get on to my week. So Thursday nothing really new, except that by the end of the day I started not feeling too well. My stomach every now and then would hurt pretty bad and I couldn´t concentrate too much on the lessons. Friday I stayed home pretty much all day because I was sick. I rested as much as I can. Saturday we did stuff, we ended up at Ana Vigo´s house and I ate some goodies, but my stomach didn´t like me afterwards. Sunday we went to church and taught some lessons to people and one of them told me what I should eat to help me feel better so I took her advice and bought stuff on Monday. Monday and Tuesday we stayed home because of sick reasons. Plus I had diarrhea and I´m not sure if it has stopped or not, but yeah. Today was a super weird and scary day for me. Let me just say that my companion is on his way home unexpectedly with a year left of his mission. I can´t say anything else about that, so don´t even ask until after my mission. I´m writing from the CCM. Presidente Baruque, the branch president in Valladolid, helped us out in cleaning the piso before leaving and President Watkins came and picked us up to bring us here to Madrid. For now I´ll be with Elder Thurstin, one of my first companions here!!! He´s so awesome!!! I got to say hi to the CCM President, President Earl and I´ve been keeping in touch with him so yeah. I´ll be going with Elder Thurstin as soon as they come and pick me up. That´s pretty much it.

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