Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

The entire zone!

The León Cathedral [Santa Maria de León] at Night

The Zone Leaders


Wow, my inbox is pretty empty this week, what happened family??? I know I didn´t write last week on Wednesday, but yeah. Oh well, I´m sure that there´s a reason since Giselle is super busy with her Nutcracker so yeah. Well, all I have to say is that this week...well...past few days, have been great and crazy!!! So, Friday we arrived in León at around 7:10 and had District Meeting then went to the piso [apartment] in León. Let´s just say that was pretty interesting. Fourteen missionaries in a 4 room 2 bath apartment. It was crazy there, but I got to know the zone a lot better!! Elder Rivera, the other Zone Leader, is awesome!! I love that Elder!!! Finding a place to sleep was an adventure for most of the missionaries there too. Elder Evans helped me out to get a mattress up the stairs to sleep so yeah. I was paired up with another Elder since we were short on beds so yeah. His name was Elder Paredes and he was waiting for his visa in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission too!!!!  And guess what, he was companions with Elder Thomas over there too!!!!!!!
♫♪This is a small world after all♪♫!!! So yeah, he got to know the district that I was in and yeah!!! Super cool!! He told me all about his experiences there and yeah.

Saturday was Zone Conference. It went from 10 - 2 so it was pretty long, but we had a break in between so it wasn´t bad. I learned a lot from that. Before that though I had my interview with the President. After Zone Conference there in the church building in León, we had lunch which was Dominos Pizza!! I had 3 slices and that filled me up quite a bit so yeah. Then Hermana Watkins brought out pumpkin pie and I ate a slice of that, even though I wanted more of it!!! I´m getting hungry just talking about it!!! Anyway, then at around 6 we got an assignment to visit some people in a certain area in León, but we didn´t know the streets too well. It´s okay though, I had fun. We went to bed after that, well, at 12. Sunday we had district conference, instead of stake conference just because they are a lot of ramas [branches] and not barrios [wards].  So yeah, we got back here at around 3:30 and I was dead tired so we went to the piso [apartment] to rest a bit before working.  OH and by the way, we have 5 people scheduled to be baptized!!  Four of them are two couples that need to get married first, so it may take a while before they get baptized, but it´s okay.  I hope everything works out!

Nothing much else to say except for...HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVE!!!!!!  I don´t think I´ll be celebrating that here since there´s no such thing.  So while you´re eating turkey, I´ll be in bed haha so yeah. Someone has to eat a turkey leg for me, don´t think that it can just sit there while I´m gone.  EAT IT!!!! Haha. Well, how´s everything over there?  How was Thanksgiving (since I´ll read your emails after Thanksgiving)? Anything fun happen?  Any fun stories?  Well take care and I´ll talk to you soon!!!  Love you all!!!

Elder Bauer

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