Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 14, 2011

This is an old picture from Madrid, but we just got it and I like it!

Looking down at the street from the elders' apartment in Valladolid.

Outside the elders' apartment in Valladolid.

A missionary kitchen (in Valladolid).

Elders have obviously made themselves at home.  A parent would be appalled!

The church meetinghouse (meeting apartment?) in Valladolid.


Well, this past week has been interesting and intense! Sooo, this past week has been the first time I´ve been managing an area as a prospective Senior Companion so it was...interesting...scary...both! So yeah.

Well, Thursday I tried to pass by a few people and I had a mini weekly planning by myself since Elder Verdu wasn´t going to stay with me for long. I also had to wait a bit for Elder Rivera to call me to know when transfers are. So Thursday was a festivo (holiday) so Valladolid looked like a ghost town. Not a soul out in the street. So I tried to do some contacting and door knocking, but when I knocked on a building the person answered the intercom thing yelling!!! I could have sworn that I felt their spit through the intercom. We decided to leave that for another day. Friday we had three lessons planned out super well, but then the investigators couldn´t see us at the times that I planned so I had to juggle lessons that day. It was horrible. I got two out of three lessons that I wanted, but it´s okay. I´m doing much better now! Saturday we did stuff, but I forgot. Oh, and I´m an official resident of Spain as of Friday!!! I got my Spanish residency card and it looks cool!!! I like it better than my driver’s license!!! I called the secretaries of the mission and they told me stuff that I needed to do for that, and also transfer information before Elder Rivera called us. They said that I´d be staying in Valladolid with Elder Hodges, former Assistant to the President!! He´s super awesome at everything pretty much!!

Sunday was Branch Conference so the Second Counselor of the Mission was there and it was a pretty interesting meeting since I was asked to play some Christmas hymns that I don´t really know too well on the piano.  So I messed up a lot, but it´s okay.  Monday we had a lesson with Jorge for the first time in about a month and I thought it was pretty good!!!   Then at about 4 Elder Verdu and I picked up our companions and Elder Hodges is the new Zone Leader here as well as someone else that I don´t know. Then Elder Tirzuman, a Romanian, is the District Leader!! So since I´m staying here for at least another transfer you can send stuff to my piso (apartment) again!  I´ve been letter deprived for about two weeks so yeah.  So we´ve had some fun here in Valladolid! Elder Hodges knows what talking to everyone in contacting means!! Holy trash he´s awesome!! He really does stop EVERYONE!!!!! I want to be like that when I go to my new area!! I´m learning as much as I can from him and it´s been good!! We´ve seen every investigator so far this week, and I´ve planned on seeing each and every single one at least 3 times a week, and we´ve got 6 that progress! 4 of them might get married too and be baptized so YEAH!!!! I´m excited!! How has everyone been this week?

¡Elder Bauer of Valladolid!

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