Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 21, 2011

Catedral Santa María Regla, León


This week has been cool in two different ways!! One, it got down to -3º C in Valladolid so I froze!!! And two, we have two baptisms this weekend! Two of our investigators are getting married on Friday and baptized Saturday the 24th so yeah!!! I´m excited!!! Well on to my week.

So last Wednesday, we cleaned the piso [apartment]...a lot!!!! It smells clean now so yeah!!! Then we went out and did some lessons. We had some great lessons and I´m sure that this next week we´ll get some new investigators because we´re going through some formers!!! I´m having fun!!! That´s pretty much all I remember. Well and right now I´m in León to have our Christmas P-Day!!! I´m sure it will be fun!!! So far it has been. We played a bit of soccer, but it was too cold so I and two other Elders came and are doing email. How´s everything at home? Anything fun? I´m sorry I can´t answer your questions too well since I haven´t really seen too many traditions, except for roasted chestnuts [I asked about any Spanish Christmas traditions]!!! OH and I learned to beatbox!! Elder Hodges taught me. You pretty much say "Boots and skirts" over and over again!!! Sorry, not much more, but yeah!! Lots of contacts and lessons!!! 

Take care and I hope you guys keep having fun!!! Oh, our meeting on Sunday is only sacrament meeting too which is at 12. Take care and love you all.

Elder Bauer

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