Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28, 2011

León Zone Activity

Elder Evans after one too many 7-ups at Burger King

A Spanish Civil Marriage

A Two Year Old in a Tuxedo

Followed by a Baptism (Note: Elder Hodges is on the far left)


Well, it was nice to talk to you [We spoke with one another via Skype on Christmas]!!! I´m glad I got to see the family for a bit and talk to you all!!! Well, this past week you already know, but I´ll tell you again, just so that you remember since dad’s high priest self might forget. =)

Well, like you know, this last Wednesday we had the Zone activity in León and it was fun!!! We did a white elephant gift exchange sort of thing. I got a mini pool table that I forgot in León, but it´s okay. It was better than most of the things that everyone else got. Someone got a shower cap, and I bought a cool looking tie and some stick on mustaches, haha. It was pretty fun!! Then Friday we went to Ureña to the marriage of two of our investigators which was an awesome experience!!! They have a son and he was dressed in a small tux, suit and tie. He´s two so just imagine that (there´s also a picture, so you don´t have to imagine it if you don´t want to, just look at the picture.) We got them married at the place to get them married there and it was in the Plaza Mayor there in Ureña, but it´s a small pueblo so the Plaza Mayor was pretty menor, but whatever. I took pictures, and I mean a lot of pictures of the wedding so yeah!!! At the point where they needed to put on the rings, they realized that they left them in the car, so someone went out and got them for them, haha!!! Well, they got married, signed all of the papers and stuff and yeah!!! We threw rice too so yeah! It was fun!

Saturday they got baptized and that was cool!!! I baptized the husband and Elder Hodges baptized the wife. It was a super cool experience! The talks given before the ordinance were really good and they covered everything perfectly. I loved it!! Then Sunday they were confirmed and I confirmed the husband, and the wife chose Jhors (I´m sure that was spelled wrong) and it was wonderful to see and do!! Well, this week has been full of awesomeness and yeah!!! I loved this week! How are things over yonder at home?  I hope so, but I don´t know. Take care and I´ll talk to you next week!!! Love you! Hasta luego!!

Elder Bauer

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