Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 15, 2012

Would you like to try some chocolate avacado pudding?

Note it is the color of infant bowel movement! (YUM!)

Or was that bowl movement.  Oh wait, this is what we did for P-day!  No report on who won.  Draw your own conclusion what that means.


Well, lots has happened here this week.  Thursday, I forgot what has happened so I´ll just skip it. I don´t really remember any days, they´re just all jumbled in my head so I´ll just say my favorite things that happened this week. So we had a lesson with a less active family about patience. We saw a “Mormon Message” about that where President Uchtdorf tells a story about an experiment on children to see if they are patient. The "scientist" puts a marshmallow in front of a kid and tells them that if they wait just 15 minutes, they could have 2 marshmallows instead of one. I really liked that message and then we tied it into their lives. It was a good lesson. Later on they ordered pizza for us to eat, Domino's Barbecue Pizza, the husband, Jesus, talked about the Book of Mormon and how he hasn´t been able to read it all the way through and that he didn´t have a testimony of it. At that point I had the strongest prompting to promise him that if he read it all the way through, he will know it is true and that it will fill him up more than anything else. I also related that to my story of me reading the Book of Mormon in about a week and a half. It was a super cool lesson!

The office is pretty good. Elder Jeppson has finished training me and we trained the assistants to the president to do their part in the office and now my load is lighter. For residency I have to send a lot of stuff to Ayuntamientos [city hall] in different cities so that the missionaries can be Empadronado [registered] there and all. It´s pretty easy now that I´ve done it once and called Oscar Clemente (the guy in charge of all of the residency) countless times. I also answer the phone in the office and help people out with questions they have. That doesn´t mean you guys can call, I´ll pass you over to someone different if you try. Anyway, so many things that I do here. Yesterday, the Internet was down for a bit, and the scanner as well, so it was horrible since I needed them both to do my work. Everything was resolved though, and it´s all good.

Hasta luego

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