Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Alex in front of the Madrid Temple

The Madrid Temple

The mission secretary's desk at the Spain Madrid Mission

Hey Family,

Well, I´m in a locultorio [internet cafe] for the second time this transfer. It´s pretty good, but I prefer the office. For one, it´s cleaner and the computers are faster. I´m also getting a bit stressed for transfers to come since I have to buy all of the tickets for everyone getting moved around so I will be STRESSED next week. I´ve also had to buy plane tickets for a missionary that had to go home for residency issues and will come back after a day. I was informed by the Spain Barcelona Mission (where the missionary´s home is) that I bought the wrong ticket. I´m going crazy, but whatever. I hope to be able to keep going. The office is easy, but can get stressful.

We have been doing super good here in San Sebastian de los Reyes!!  Last week we got a total of about 10 lessons, and 90 contacts!!! It´s pretty good, better than any other week since I´ve been here! I love it! Well, I´m not really sure what else to say. Today was great! We went to the Temple and did a session with all of the Madrid missionaries. It was super full and pretty fun! When we went back outside I felt like the mail man since everyone asked for things and I had them loaded in the car and stuff. I made sure that everyone got their stuff, but one companionship didn´t come out until who knows when, so Elder Forrest and I went to Lidl (a store close to the Temple) and bought some deliciousness goodness!!! So I got a pack of 4 muffins and they were the best tasting muffins in the WORLD!!!! Holy trash they were super good!! Elder Forrest said that they were the best consistency and...yeah, I can´t describe it. You´ll just have to come over and eat it yourself so yeah! Not much else has happened.

Elder Bauer

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