Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Spain Madrid Mission Office

Office of the President of the Spain Madrid Mission

Madrid missionaries visiting the home of Real Madrid (professional soccer team)

Oh no!  There is no game today!

So I guess play-by-play will be somewhat boring!

Dear Family,

Monday was the day that I had to do training with Oscar Clemente (he´s a member and helps all of the missionaries in Spain with residency). First though, key indicators. I had to collect them as part of my job from the Zone Leaders in the mission. There are 5 zones and I have to get numbers like baptisms, investigators at church, etc. Then I go on to the amount of people that attended the wards/branches there. Then I move on to whether the missionaries had correlation and ward council. Then I go on to the people that have investigators with a baptismal date. Yeah, a lot to ask for huh. I do the numbers on Excel, but the other two (meetings and baptismal dates) I have to do on paper, then transfer the information to Excel, and THEN make it into a PDF file and send it to the mission president. The assistants to the president are the ones that should be doing all of that, and they will soon. So I get all of that done, well, getting the numbers, then we had to go and get Elder Cunningham so that he could travel up north to replace someone that went home for medical reasons. At noon I had the meeting with Oscar Clemente and he talked for 2 hours with me asking a lot of questions about residency. I was super nervous about doing all of that stuff after the meeting. I was super crammed in my head that I took a long time finishing the numbers and stuff for President Watkins and the Assistants. It´s all starting to make a bit more sense now that I´ve had some time to think about it so yeah. We got out of the office by 8 that night and taught a super cool lesson!!

Tuesday was pretty cool!! We had district meeting and then went to the office. Not as stressful as Monday. It was more of a chill day. I had to send out a residency email to Elder Cunningham since he changed addresses so yeah. Every time a missionary changes addresses, they have to go to the "City Hall" get a change of address, and register in that city, so I had to send him all of that in an email so yeah. I then did a few more things and prepared for zone conference which we have tomorrow. I also had to check in three phones that were returned to us from areas that have been closed. I also had to activate a phone card thing for another phone that we are sending to some Hermanas (sisters) that lost their phone in the metro. That was about the only excitement about yesterday. OH and we got a new investigator so that´s super COOLIO!!!!

Today we went to Madrid and went and toured a Fútbol (soccer) stadium! It was cool! How have you been this lovely day? How cold is it there? Here it sort of snowed, but not really. I hope that you have a good day and week!! Take care, and love you all!!

         ~Elder Bauer~
         Called to Serve:
   Spain Madrid Mission
      and assigned as the
Secretary of the Spain Madrid

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