Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Alex. Last week of April

Hello Alex.
It is so good to hear from you.
I am so glad that so far you've had nice experiences. I'm hoping that your second district with intermediate Spanish will be good. Would you have to change dorm and companion?
Giselle sent you a letter in the mail Thursday. By the time you read this e-mail you would have gotten the letter. I also sent you a box on Friday with some envelopes and a purple tie.
I will be posting this letter in your blog in a few minutes.
In Giselle's letter I sent only a note asking you for your e-mail address. I wanted to send you an e-mail, so that when you were able to open your e-mail for the first time there you would have something to read from us, but I couldn't find your address.. Now I have it and I'm so happy to be write to you.
Well, something happening... Your dad went to Springfield to talk to Dolores...(I'm not making this up., that is this lady's name) about the apostille "garbage." To make the story short, we do have to send it to Washington DC... but they said that there is a Senator's office "just a few blocks away" so your dad decides to go talk to them. It was about 30 minutes walk, so it wasn't really that close. By the time he got there he was exhausted, so he asked if he could sit down for a minute... Then he took his hat off, and then he got all the sympathy in the world. They were very nice to him and gave him information of Washington DC like phone numbers and addresses to take care of the next step with the visa. Then, this lady said to him: "You ain't gonna walk back to your car... so and so will take you" So he got a ride back.
Once he got home, we called Washington DC, and they asked us if the FBI Document had had a seal... NOPE. It has to have a seal.. The person on the phone told me that they have a WALK IN service, so if you go there you can get the paper work done the same day. Then they gave me the phone number of the FBI in Virginia to see if I could go there also.. NOPE. They don't do "walk ins". So I started to cry and being frustrated, (since I haven't lost my hair I need to have sympathy in a different way, right? not to mention that over the phone they can't really see you) Anyhow. This lady got so compassionate that she gave me a direct way to send her the document "over night" with an "over night return" and to write Attention Patty, so she can take care of it quickly as it arrives. So I sent it today. We scanned your signature and wrote a letter as if it was you asking for the seal in the document. (She asked us to do that) Hopefully we'll get it back soon.
I am looking for someone in the church who lives in Washington DC, who I can send the document once we get it back, so they can do the walk in for me and then the same day send it back to us, so we can send it to the church.
One nice thing about this is.. The church doesn't seem to know that these changes have happened as of January 25th. So we called them to let them know about it so they can change their requirements to future missionaries.
Not to discourage you, but tonight I talked to brother Chambers at the church and he said that when he was going on his mission, a whole group of missionaries at the MTC got stuck there for 12 weeks until they finally got their visas.. I'm hoping that with "Patty's” help, that won't happen.
Tomorrow I'm fasting for this to get resolved fast. I think the two persons who answer the phone to give me instructions were angels ministering and helping out.
About the pictures, would it be too expensive to print them? You may want to be patient and get enough pictures in the chip and then send it later. Did you find the other one? May be with the "medicines" in one of those boxes.
Your room is half way clean. I found shirts and pajamas that you were supposed to take with you. I'm going to send them soon.
Do you need anything?
We all love you and miss you very much.
Here goes your first cheese scripture used to families in the mission. Moroni 8:2-3 (Just change the name from Moroni, to Alex)
Learn tons.
Love, all of us...

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