Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26th


Tornados all around you, but not in Bloomington! That's crazy to hear!!! This week has been crazy, weird and amazing. Guess who came to the Tuesday Night Devotional? Actually, before I get to that, let me just say that I got sick with a cold this week. It wasn't fun, but it's okay. Tuesday in choir, we sang This is the Christ and I really liked that song!!! Unfortunately my voice was pretty much gone after I sang since I sang really loud when the conductor told us to. Anyway, Elder Russell M. Nelson came and talked to us about what missionaries do in the field. Yesterday during gym I played a really awesome and intense game of soccer. People kept calling me the Bauer Power and yeah!!! I was the awesome defense of my team!!!

Well, going back in time to Sunday, during the Temple walk, I took some really neat pictures with my nametag and the Temple and other stuff like that!!! I can't wait to get that memory card back to you so that you could see them!!! Anyways, back to Wednesday, Elder Mockler, my companion, is really wanting to get his visa so that he could go to Spain and he really is desperate to get going! When the Travel Office calls the rooms they usually have people's visas and whatnot. So someone calls our room and asks if Elder Mockler is there. He gets all excited and says with an enthusiastic voice, "Yes, I'm here!!" Then the person on the intercom tells him that they changed his appointment to the Clinic and he was disappointed and after they got off we all, including him, started to laugh!! He even said, in Spanish, "Now even the MTC is making jokes with me." Then later that day, a "call" from the front desk came to the residence which is where we were for a little bit. They asked if anyone was there, and Elder Mockler got excited again, and so did I for him, and they asked if an Elder Someone was there. He was disappointed again, and Elder Ferrill and I laughed and he laughed along too. Later on, we were studying outside and we had to go to Elder Mockler's appointment and we had to stop by the classroom to drop things off, someone called the classroom, and Elder Mockler responded and they were looking for Elder Rigsby, at which point he walked out and Elder Ferrill, my other companion, responded to them. It was a funny day!!! How have things been going over there? Anything fun aside from tornado chasing or hiding?
Take care and I'll talk to you next week.

~Elder Bauer~

I got the package and yeah!! I hope to send my card back to you so that you can see all of the things that I have done!!! I'll make sure that I protect the card well!!! Have a happy day!!!!
Elder Julio, hehehe.


Your epistles are actually interesting since I'm trying to learn as much about things here as I am trying to learn as much about everything so yeah!!! As for the tornadoes, I heard about them from mom, but not all of that that you just told me!! That's pretty intense!!!! I told mom a lot of stuff that I did here and that has happened and yeah!!! I'm glad to hear that you are finally finishing your chemo!!!! Happy days, all is well!!! I'll just tell you everything that I told mom and hope that you like it. It may all be exactly the same since I don't really have that much time on here as you know, but oh well, at least you'll have something to read as you sit through chemo. Have fun with all of the old people for the last time!!! You should stand up and wave goodbye to them!!!
Oh yeah, by the way, pictures are coming to you guys soon, I hope!!
Take care!!!

~Elder Julio (just for the heck of it.)~
~Elder Bauer~

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