Thursday, May 19, 2011


Great questions, now here are the answers!!

1. What is your companion’s name?
Elder Hilton used to be my companion in district 42 B, but now it's Elder Carroll. He's been my companion for about two weeks as well as Elder Banbury, but Elder Banbury left Tuesday morning and Elder Carroll leaves tomorrow. They will be in the Spain CCM. I'll probably be put in another companionship soon.

2. Who else shares your dorm room with you?
Elder Carrol is the only one that shares the room with me at the moment, but as I said, Elder Banbury used to be in there with us.

3. Are they all going to Spain, or to a different country in Europe?
In my companionship we are both going to different missions in Spain. When Elder Banbury was here we had all three missions covered in our room!! The District is going to many different places.

4. Did you find the camera extra chip, or do you need me to send you another one?This so you can send me the one you have now and take a new one to Spain.
I didn't find the camera chip when I looked. I may need a new one.

5. Have you heard anything about your visa?
About my visa, I have not heard anything.

6. Which day do you go to the Temple.
I go to the Temple on Sundays for taking pictures and walking around it, and on Thursdays (P-Day) for doing sessions and stuff.

7. How big is the choir? What do you sing, bass or tenor?
The choir has a good amount of missionaries, probably about 150 give or take a few. I sing Baritone.

8. Do you have a physical education class or do you just exercise on your own.
We don't have any sort of P.E. class, it's just a time for us to do whatever we want really.

9. At what time do you exercise?
Exercise time varies on different days. Mondays from 8:35 - 9:25 am, Tuesdays from 1:25 - 2:15 pm, Wednesdays from 6:20 - 7:10 pm, Fridays from 1:20 - 2:10 pm, and Saturdays from 6:20 - 7:10. We don't exercise on Sunday for obvious reasons or Thursday because we have to prepare.

10. What classes do you attend during the day?
The classes I attend are French, Mathematics, Geography, Stellar-cartography, and Science.
JK, Class is pretty much learning the language and the lessons out of Preach My Gospel.

11. How long is study time? An hour?
Study time is spread out throughout the day. I'd say that it totals to be about 3 - 4 hours a day.

12. What is your favorite food at the MTC and which is your least favorite?
I don't really know what my favorite food at the MTC is. They serve pretty decent food so yeah.

13. Are you one of those who welcome the newcomers now?
I do welcome the newcomers just to annoy them. Everyone does it so yeah, it's fun!!! =)
14. Do you have sacrament meeting and other meetings on Sunday?
We have Sacrament meeting and Priesthood, so yeah.

15. Is Tuesday devotional day every Tuesday?
Devotionals are every Tuesday from 7 - 8. This past Tuesday we had Elder Richard G. Hinckley of the First Quorum of the Seventy speak to us and he was really good!!! He opened the last few minutes to general questions and a sister asked him "What's the best lesson you learned from your father?" Everyone ooohed at that!!

16. How are you feeling?
I'm feeling pretty lovely how are you feeling? =)

17. Did you get your scriptures in Spanish?
Yes I got a Spanish Bible and Triple.

18. Do you need any scriptures or books send to you?
I don't need any books sent to me at this time.

19. Do you need anything at all?
I may want my card thing with all 100 Scripture Mastery sent to me if you can find it. If not, I can buy it at the bookstore.

20. Who is Elder Armantrout? Your companion?
Elder Armantrout was in our Zone and left on his mission a few weeks ago. He was pretty awesome!!!
Anymore questions, send them my way!!!

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