Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FBI Papers came today! They are on their way to SLC overnight mail. Now it's up to the Church to get the visa... LDS Travel for Missionaries had to "update" a lot of the steps to take in order to request the FBI clearance and then the apostille from the U.S.Department of State. We were the pioneers on this great movement! Glad we could help, eventhough it took so long!

Thanks to Patty at the FBI office in West Virginia, for taking this matter in her own hands and getting the seal and docs back to us in less than a week. Also especial thanks to a Bishop in Washington D.C. for suggesting a member in his ward for me to call and ask for the big favor. And the greatest thanks go to Jim for going to a government office spending all morning there until he got the apostille and the documents authenticated. Then he send them back to us overnight. What had taken over 5 months of work, money and frustration, was done in less than two weeks by these awesome people who were willing to help.

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