Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16th 2011

June 16, 2011
I got a letter from Sister Johnson yesterday or Tuesday. I don't really remember so yeah!!! Thank you Sister Johnson for the letter as well as the others that have sent me letters!
Now on to my exciting week!!!

Friday was a pretty good day! We practiced teaching the Word of Wisdom. It was pretty fun, but hard at the same time! Elder Ferrill was sick that day so he didn't feel up to teaching so Elder Mockler and I took the lesson and yeah. Saturday we did pretty much the same thing as we did on Friday except we taught Elder Weeks so yeah!! Also during the week we talked about how to teach the Law of Chastity. Sunday was pretty cool!!! We had the usual kind of stuff and yeah. For the Fireside we had the MTC Director talk to us and guess what he talked about!! He talked about the Law of Chastity and how to teach it!!! It was pretty awesome since that's what we've been talking about all week long. After that we watched the movie called Legacy and it was a pretty cool movie!!! Elder Mockler had the funniest commentary for the movie that I have ever heard!!! He's an awesome companion!! Monday was cool!!! The TRC was just like normal this time and we got to teach for a while about the Plan of Salvation and that was cool. Our investigator cut us off at the end and gave us some advise and stuff, even though they aren't supposed to do that. It's okay though, I'll definitely use it to my advantage!! Tuesday was pretty interesting! The Choir sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth and then the General Primary President spoke to us! I really liked her talk since we sang two primary songs and she talked a little bit about the lyrics and what they meant! There's a lot of meaning in those words!! Wednesday, or yesterday, was the best of the week in my opinion!!! Our district did Hosting for the new missionaries and it reminded me a lot about my first day!!! For Hosting, we take the new missionaries' stuff, like his bags and backpack if they have one, and take him to the Administrative building to get his information of where his classroom and residence is and yeah. We meet them behind the building and take them to their residence, drop off their bags and ask them to take their Preach My Gospel, Scriptures, note taking stuff, and I think that's it (I sent the paper that they gave us for Hosting and should be there soon so you can scan that and put it up on the blog). Then we take them to the bookstore to pick up their bag full of books and materials that they need for the field and class. Then we take them to class and we return to our assigned spot, which is on that paper. My spot was spot #4. It was super fun and it reminded me of my first day!!! I really hope I get to do that again!! Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about my week that happened Saturday or Sunday is that Elder Martinez showed me how to tie my tie with a crazy awesome knot that makes it look cool! I'll send a picture with that soon!! Today, Elder Ferrill got his flight plans as well as Elder Weeks!!! They're really excited and I am too since their mission is about to start!!!!! It's already started, but it will really start, hehe.

Things are good here, food is still eatable, and yeah! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!!! Love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~

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