Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 9th 2011

Hey Dad,

I'm glad to hear that you are having fun taking breaks on the simplest of tasks!! I do hope that you keep getting better and improve on your health/strength. Friday was pretty interesting for me. I currently don't even remember what happened, but I can write a letter telling you what happened that day. Saturday I don't remember either. Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting and one of our districts was leaving and so they all bore their testimonies. For the Temple Walk on Sunday, I took pictures. With an Elder I nicknamed him Elder Broad Shoulders since he has the broadest shoulders ever!!! He's pretty amazing!!! Monday was pretty cool too!!! I was with yet another elder and he's pretty awesome!! At 9 pm when we were in the residence, he let me borrow his mustache (one that is awesome and you just stick on) and I got two pictures with it on!!! I can't wait until you see those!! Monday was pretty cool, and weird!!! At the TRC, instead of teaching, I was an investigator for two of the newish Elders and I gave them too hard of a time, but I didn't know I was supposed to be easy! Later that day my companions and I taught our "progressive investigator" named Carlos and I thought the lesson went really well!!! I already told you about later so yeah!!! Tuesday I had revelation I swear!!! I figured out a way to make the Plan of Salvation simpler!!! I wrote it all down in my Predicar mi Evangelio and yeah!!! My plan is that God wrote a "test" for each of us to take on earth. When we get to earth He gives us a pencil without an eraser and we take it and go through it and answer all of the questions or take the choices that we think are right. When we find out that an answer is wrong, Jesus Christ, provided an eraser for us called the Atonement so that we can fix our mistakes and yeah!!! I also wrote more, but I don't have time to type it up!! I'll have to take a picture of my PME and my scriptures so that you can see how much I've done. Tuesday we also had Elder Kikuchi come and talk to us and it was really funny!! He started off my saying, "I eat a lot of rice, I eat a lot of fish, and I came out short." Hahahaha. Well, I'd better get going. How's everyone doing? How's my bed? Is it surviving through my brother?

~Elder Bauer~

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