Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

Hey mother!!!

Okay, so one thing that I want from home is an iPod nano, you know the little square ones that are touch screen, so that you could fill it with music and send it to me. The music I want is my EFY CD's and as much Mormon Tabernacle Choir as you have so if you could do that, that would be great, if not, I can buy the iPod here, send it to you to fill it up and call it Ezra, then send it back to me. The color I want is silver. I will paste what I wrote to dad so that you can read it too!!! I'll also attach all of the pictures for you to see too as well as one that I forgot, of Thomas S. Monson!!! Here it is:

Okay, so this week has been fun and full of miracles on this side too!!! I'll tell you about them, but first the pictures that I'm sending you! The first four are from my bike accident. It was during the morning hours so I was wearing shorts and short sleeves since it was exercise hour so nothing got ruined. My hand as you can see was the worst of all of them. It's doing way better now though!!! The fifth picture was of my tan, and reading Jonathan's letter (yes I got the letters) he said he has a tan, tell him to check that picture out!!! As for the bike rides, I hope that no one is using my new bike there at home!!! If someone is...I won't be too happy!! Just an fyi so yeah. Now a scripture or two that I found interesting that I want to share with you!! Romans 15: 24 I see when I get to Spain, I'll learn from my trainer and verse 28 of how I will finish a bit of my work here and go to Spain to meet my trainer and learn from him. You'll laugh when you see those verses! Any way. On to my experiences.

Okay, so just a miracle that I have for you, we've been teaching a family, well, just the mom and her daughter. The father hasn't been there when we teach them, and when he is, he never opens the door. Thursday we go by with a member, and we know the father is there because his car is outside. So we knock on the door, no one answers. We knock a second time, and Brigit opens the door. Just a bit of background info. Her and her husband, have been together for 17 or 18 years and haven't gotten married in all of that time. They have three daughters, a 17 or 18 year old, another girl who is 14 or 15, and a little girl who is 2 or something. Okay so they answer the door and we teach them a little bit of the first lesson and ask them if they want to go to the marriage office and get their marriage license to get married, and they say yes! The next day at 4 we take them to the marriage office and get their license so yeah!! We then commit them to get a civil marriage at the church the next day (Saturday) and they say yes!!! The next day we get them married and the group picture (or last one) is the one that is after the marriage!!! Then that day we invited them to come to church and they did on Sunday so that's really cool!!! On Sunday, we invited them to Temple Square for a tour and they said that they'd think about it and so at 6 we called them, and they know what they said...yes!!!!!! So we went to Temple Square for a tour and they had a good time and at the end of the tour, we set a date for their baptism and asked if they'd get ready to be baptized on that day. They said yes and he was probably really excited since he even asked if he'd have to bring anything to that so miracles happen all the time!!!

So you've seen your miracles, and I've seen mine!!! God I can say, is a God of miracles (Mormon 9:7-11, 15)!!! I'm sure that there will keep being miracles so long as we stay faithful!!! How's everything over there? Take care and I'll talk to you soon!!! Love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~

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