Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15th 2011

Hey Father-dee-doo!!

Wow!!! It seems that you had a pretty good week!! I'm sorry you got sick though, but I hope that you feel better today! I'm also glad that everyone enjoyed their time in DC and that everything is going well over there at home!!! Okay, so I'm going to thank people that have sent me letters so far so here is the list:

Wil and Trey
CTR 6 and 7 classes
Bauer Family
Sister Johnson

Thanks to all of these people for sending me letters and I hope that I continue to get letters from all of you!! Now, I'm sure that your week seemed great and fun, but check out MY week!!!

My week has been interesting!! For one thing, we switched companions on Thursday during weekly planning. I'm meeting brand new people that have been investigating the church for a while so yeah!! Yes, that's their last name, which for those of you that don't speak or understand Spanish
(Sister of mine, *cough*cough*) it means peace and peace. They are super solid just like the other family. When this new inverstigator prayed the first time I went there, he practically said thank you for bringing these brothers so that we could be prepared to be baptized into your church.
I was shocked at what I heard!!! I was like...WHAT?!?! That never really happens before we commit them to baptism so yeah. Crazy, but awesome!!! One other thing we've been doing is talking to everyone, and I mean everyone!!! Just a random person we see on the street walking or in their yard, we talk to them. We may be late to other appointments, but it's okay. With this family we did that, and they wouldn't have been home when we planned to pass by so that's a miracle, just for talking to people. Super awesome how the Lord works!!!
I also met another new family!! I don't really remember their names. They just had a baby and I'm sending a picture with his little girl as well as other pictures in the next email! They're planning to get married this week and possibly baptized this Saturday or the next Saturday. We've also tried to get new investigators, but we haven't been too successful, but I'm sure there's a reason so yeah!! Oh well, we'll keep trying and that's about all we can do so yeah!! The family that was baptized is really solid still too!!! I'm not teaching them anymore, but they were there for the baptism that we had on Saturday...well, it wasn't an investigator getting baptized, but still, they were there. Then Sunday, they were at church...actually, just the husband was there, his wife was working that day. Next week she will get too so yeah!!!

Today has been fun!! We went to the Salt Lake Temple and did a session, which was much better than the last one!!! I loved it!!! We then went to Wal-Mart to buy some stuff that we needed and then ate lunch and now I'm here emailing. That's about all that's happened this week!!!
How has the Bauer family been at home? Is there anything new? How was school registration, or did you even have it? Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!!! Take care and I love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~

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