Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 08, 2011


Well, with my companion's bike, he crashed into something and yeah, there went the bike's tire. As far as I know, I'm not going anywhere soon, but from what I hear, I'll be going to Spain on a P-Day so yeah.
If you send it this week, I'm sure that I'll get it before I leave, but just to warn you, I only get mail on Thursdays so yeah. If you can send it ASAP since next P-Day is the 15th and I feel like I'll be
going next week or soon after that, yeah. I hope I don't sound like I'm rushing you, but yeah. I'm glad that Jonathan liked his ring!!!
Did it fit him okay? I hope that he replaces the rest of his rings with that one since it's better... just kidding but yeah, haha. Your week sounded like a lot of fun!!! Mine was okay, but not as good as
the past few. Here's my week in a nutshell.

The family we are teaching is just golden!!! They make me happy and it's just awesome how they're just going for it!!! The weather here in the Salt Lake Valley is just RANDOM and bi-polar!! It's sunny and hot one
minute, and then it get's cloudy and rainy the next minute!!! Crazy I know but oh well. We have another investigator that we have and she's really shaky. We've taught her, bore testimony, and she's
still not getting it. I've been reading this morning in Preach My Gospel, Chapter 10, titled Teaching Skills so that I can better grasp how to teach people and so far, I can't think of anything. We even went to Temple Square and that didn't help her out at all. We'll think of something, but I can't do it without the Spirit to help me. I'm very reliant on that now more than ever. The Lord knows His children,
more than they know themselves so I'll keep praying for them.
Wednesday I went on exchanges, an English speaking Missionary, so when we met Spanish speakers, it was all up to me. We found a guy on the front step of a home and I talked to him.
Unfortunately, he was really hard hearted and he didn't really want to listen. He talked a lot more than I did. I ended the conversation just because it was lunch time and I didn't really want to talk to him
anymore. Later I met another guy that had met the missionaries before and he said that he'd like to have the missionaries over, except that he hardly had time so I'm not really sure if we should pass by, but we might.

Saturday was crazy. In the evening at someone's house, we left our bikes for at most 3 minutes because no one was home and my back tire was completely flat. So we walked most of the way home and a kid
helped me out with pumping it up. After ridding it to the corner of the street, I hear a loud POP and my tire was flat again. All day yesterday (Sunday) we walked because my bike needed a new tube and
tire. Today, I bought a new tube and tire so I'll be putting those on my bike and I'll be good to go!!! I do have a good feeling about this week for some reason so yeah!!! I can't wait!!!

Your trip sounded awesome!!! I'm glad everyone had fun!!! How did Jonathan like the University? How did Giselle like the bugs? Take care and I hope everything goes well! Love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~

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