Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29th 2011

Today is an early e-mail day for me. Lot's of stuff has happened since I last talked to you so yeah! Still here in Salt Lake City and I found out that the Consulate took a break for doing visas during the month of August so I guess I'll be getting my visa September! I'm excited about that! I also got transferred. I went from Cannon Stake to Granger West Stake! It's been fun to get moved so that I could experience something new! We also had a pretty bad storm last night, but I'll start from the beginning.

Tuesday was the day I found out I was being transferred. They didn't say where, but I just knew I was being transferred. All day that day I was super nervous as to where I'd be transferred because I have never been transferred before. So Wednesday comes around and we load up all our stuff and he takes us out to eat to the Original House of Pancakes. I got the Chocolate Chip Pancakes which were really good, but too much!!! Later we went to a church building to have transfers and our mission President was there and he spoke and yeah!! Later the Zone Leaders got to know each other’s companions and what Zone they'll be in. They held up their posters and I found my name under South Zone! I'm companions with an Elder from Puerto Rico and he's the District Leader, and an Elder from Huston, Texas! We have a car instead of bikes (dang it!!) but it's okay.

Thursday - Saturday was interesting since I didn't know anyone that we were teaching so yeah. Thursday we had District Meeting so I got to know everyone there which was nice so yeah!! Sunday was fun since I had to go get an investigator to church and I spoke a little bit in Sacrament Meeting. It was fun though. Last night we had a crazy storm!!! Lightning and thunder everywhere!! We all decided that we should go into the bathroom since it's the safest place in our apartment. So since it's night, and the power went out, we took our pillows and stuff in and laid on the ground. That bathroom is super small. Thank goodness the storm calmed down enough so that we could go to our beds and sleep. That was another adventure that I've had, hahahaha!!!!!! Now today is P-Day, and we went to the Temple which was awesome!! We took Tracks down here from West Valley since the train goes down there now so yeah!!!

How's everything at home? Jonathan's busyness isn't a surprise to me, so yeah, but still, I hope he does better this year than he did last year. How's my sister doing with her crazy schedule? How much does she have going on in the day? I hope everything is well over there!!! Be safe and have fun!! Love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~

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