Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 6 2011


Well, so far I'm doing well and yeah. Do you know what Stake our friens are in? I'm working in the Granger West Stake right now and we have dinners with English wards too so who knows, I may have dinner with them if I stay here so yeah!!! Your last email, the questions, yes I remember being in those places so yeah. Back to missionary stuffs, it's been pretty fun being here. I talk less because my companions talk like crazy!!! I get bored in the lessons since I don't talk. Trios are soooo hard to be in, but I'm learning a lot this transfer so yeah. I'll have to make a goal to force myself into the conversation since I won’t be able to do it without the force. Sounds kind of like Star Wars, but it's not. Anyway, my week.

Crazy! Took Trax to the Temple the last Monday of the month of August and that was fun!!! The new Trax station in West Valley is close to where I live, but not within walking distance. The new trains look cool too!!! Moving on. This week we had a lot of different Family Home Evenings with investigators which was fun!!! We did the exact same thing in each one which was rather interesting, but fun/funny!! After one of them we had to run home, since it was about 9:25 and we have to be home by 9:30 and it took about 5 minutes for us to get to the house from there. It was hilarious!!! We walk out of the house calmly, and once we close the door to the house, we run to the car!!! I was laughing in the car almost all the way back to the apartment!!!

Saturday we had a baptism and My companion cooked a dish from Puerto Rico and it was pretty rico!! Haha que chistoso!!! Anyway that was super fun and yeah!!! Sunday we had a pretty interesting day. We had investigators going to the Spanish Branch and English Ward so it was crazy!!! We went to both places, but they had to go home after a while so we got them home. Monday was P-Day and we did a district morning study at the other Elder's place. Oh and guess what, one of these Elders is from...NEW ZEALAND! Brought back some memories. He's a Tongan with a New Zealand accent so yeah. Our mission presiden't wife brought breakfast and we ate that at 10. Then we got groceries and ate lunch with a senior Elder. He is a Senior Missionary that helps marry people and the Zone that gets the most marriages goes out to eat with him. I got a half rack of ribs which was good!! Today I get to e-mail since yesterday was a holiday so yeah.

How's everything going at home? How are my siblings doing in school? Anything interesting? Oh, one thing before I'm done. Sorry to those who are expecting letters from me sometime soon. The reason I haven't sent any is because one, since transfers, P-Day has been crammed with things that I have to do so I can't really reply to your letters as fast and two, I'm out of stamps. Can you send me more stamps please? Thanks!! Oh and thanks for the letters from:


Thanks for the emails from:
Bauer Family

Yeah, anyway, have a great day!!! Love you all!!!

~Elder Bauer~


This week has been fun! I'll just paste it here as soon as I finish saying stuff. Sounds like stuff is going good there in happy Bloomington Illinois. Well, so far I'm doing well and yeah. Do you know what Stake were our friends are in? I'm working in the Granger West Stake right now and we have dinners with English wards too so who knows, I may have dinner with them if I stay here so yeah!!! As for the cookies, I get them when I get letters too so I get them Thursdays so yeah. I was wondering something too about my huge coat. I'm thinking of leaving it in the mission office, but I don't know if I can. Every time I get a chance to talk to the mission President about it, I forget. I was wondering if Grandma could ask them about that. Or...I guess I can send him an e-mail so yeah.

We have three in our apartment, and it's an apartment, just us not anyone else. Trios are hard like I mentioned in the last email so yeah. The apartment is pretty nice, but not the best. I did get minor frost bite since it's getting colder and they turn on the swamp cooler and it blows on my feet. I put on two pairs of socks now, one of them being the gray ones you sent me, and my jacket on my feet. Now they stay warm. I forgot to mention that in my other email so just add that in somewhere so yeah. Just to remind you, I need stamps, I only have one left and it will be used for Giselle's letter so yeah. She'll be getting a letter soon. Take care!!! Love you!!!

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