Friday, September 30, 2011

End of September


¿Cómo estás? That´s all I´ll write in Spanish so yeah. Pretty much this week has been pretty cool!!! The food here is better than at the MTC in Provo, and the teachers are awesome!!! I´m glad you liked the pictures that I sent back. That´s about all that has really happened here. Saturday we did contacts in the park!! I tried to talk to some people, but most of them didn´t want to talk. I talked to a total of 4 people at the park who listened, but rejected, but it´s okay. My goal for the park was 8 so I got half of what my goal was so yeah!!! Better than nothing so yeah. I was paired with a French Elder that didn´t really understand English or Spanish so it was hard to communicate with him, but he´s pretty cool!! Sunday and Monday (today), President Earl gave us lessons on some really deep doctrine stuff!!! Seriously, I was SHOCKED about most of the stuff he said. He talked about the Plan of Salvation, super deep so I won’t get into it, and the creation today, super deep so I won’t get into it, and it was super cool!!!! That´s pretty much it for today.

How´s everything at home going? Everything still fine and dandy? Take care and I´ll talk to you later!!! Love you all my family!!!

Con amor

~Elder Bauer~


I was told that if you send the stuff to the mission home, it would take at least a month for me to get it. My companions say that you can send it straight to my apartment so that I get it in 6 - 7 days so yeah.

September, 28 2011

Questions about my address, I can´t answer it right now, haha. So yeah, I´ll bet you guessed where I´m serving in my first area, Valladolid!! So yesterday was a pretty good day! I woke up, everyone in my District left (by the way, the week at the CCM, I was District Leader so yeah) and so I was alone for a while. I went to class with the French missionaries, and didn´t understand a word of what they were saying. It was fun though. At 10 am I left class and waited outside of President Earl´s office for Presidente Watkins to arrive. I sat out there for about an hour and at around 11, he came! He was super excited to see me and have me here, haha!!! It was pretty awesome! He said something like, "finally you are here, we keep seeing your picture and now you´re here!!!" It was fun!!! We had a little meeting and he told me about Spain, the place I´m serving and all that stuff. Then he took me over to the Autobus station to wait for my bus to come and take me to Valladolid. It was a pretty cool trip, but pretty long too. It was a 2.5 hour ride and I was tired when I got out. Three missionaries were waiting for me out on the station, but not my companion. He has been here in Salamanca for exchanges so yeah. We decided to come here and visit for the day since it´s P-Day today so yeah. Wednesdays are P-Days so yeah. That´s about all that really happened. How´s everything at home? Any fun stuff going on? Take care and I hope everything is good over there!! Love you all!!


I´m glad to hear that you are doing well!! I´m also glad that everyone is doing well in school, like Jonathan! His grades look like mine when I was a Senior 2nd semester so yeah!! Looking great!!! Going to the Temple sounds like a lot of fun too!!! I´ve gone to the Madrid Temple 3 times and it´s a great place to go!!! It´s the most beautiful as well so yeah!!! If mom still plans to come here to get me after my mission, you´ll see it!! As for my address, my companions say that you can send mail straight to my apartment so that I get it in 6 - 7 days so yeah. If you send it to the mission home, it would take nearly a month for me to get mail so yeah.
Love ya' all!!!

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