Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Hello All my friends.
No e-mail from Alex this week.
Instead, today we got a phone call with area code from Atlanta. It was Alex calling to tell us that he got his visa on Thursday, Saturday he met with the Spanish Consul. When he was calling he was at the Airport in Atlandt on his way to Spain.
He is traveling with 2 other elders and 3 sister missionaries. He will arrive in Madrid at about 9:30 AM Madrid time. (About 3 AM our time) It is very probable that he will go one week to the MTC and then he will receive his first assignment, but he could also just go directly to the area where he will be working. We shall see!
We are very excited, but I'm going thru the whole ordeal of him leaving on a mission all over again, even though he has been gone for 5 months now. So far, he spent about 6 weeks in the MTC, has had two transfers within the SLC area, and has had 7 baptisms, including the last one, which was interesting. He got transfered back to his first area. The family he had baptized, had a daughter who was now being baptized by her father, who now holds the Priesthood. How cool is that!
Madrid Saints, watch out! Here comes Alex!!!

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